How To Manage Stress At Work?

How To Manage Stress At Work?

Stress Management – Relaxing your Mind and Body

-By Pooja Popli

In today’s fast-growing world, stress is common, something which every person goes through very often.

Stress can be due to an abundance of things. Some people feel stressed over little things. Stress is a part of life. It may help you to achieve something like to put on a presentation at the office, scoring higher marks in exams, meeting a deadline or anything that helps you to perform well can be called positive stress. While worries related to problems in a relationship, family, job, finances, etc. are examples of negative stress.

Stress cannot be entirely removed from one’s life but yes we can always segregate between things to be stressed over and things to be not.

What is stress?

In simple words, stress is a feeling of tension that makes you angry, irritated, frustrated, or nervous.

Anything that poses threat to a person’s well-being can cause stress.

It might sound like a very petty problem but its consequences on your mind and body may have a lasting impact.

Stress leads to

  • Health issues(like heart disease, weight gain/lose, skin problems, headaches),
  • Lack of concentration/focus,
  • Depression and anxiety,
  • Memory problems
  • Insomnia

and the list goes on.

Stress can become chronic if not taken steps to manage it.

What can we do to relax our mind and body?

A few simple steps can help you overcome stress.

Regular Exercise

It is an old saying  “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”

The first basic step for stress reduction is a workout. A lot of you reading this wouldn’t have enough time due to busy work schedules or the motivation to workout for a straight 45-60 minutes, so simple brisk walking of 20 minutes or exercises like running, swimming, or dancing can help you calm your mind and body.


Meditation can also help address stress. When you meditate you are better able to ignore the negative sensation of stress and anxiety. Meditation gives you power over desirable thoughts.


Distract yourself by putting your mind on more positive things. As it is said, “Positive attitude leads to positive outcomes”. Think of a good time with your loved one, spend more time with your family or friends, listen to songs, read a book, paint or draw, anything that you love doing.

In short, take a little break and diversion from what leads you to stress.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

The food you eat also affects your mood. It improves or worsens your mind. Eating a rich diet which includes fruits, vegetables, and high-quality protein will help you fight whatever comes your way by keeping your mind healthy and improving your ability to think and cope during difficult situations.

Getting Proper Rest

A night of good 8-hour sleep is as important as a workout and a healthy diet. Feeling tired or not getting enough sleep makes a person irritated and annoying. A lot of people nowadays are not able to get a full 8-hour sleep due to work-related or any other commitments. But a quick nap twice or thrice to cover the 8 hours might help to fill this gap. So instead of scrolling through your social networking sites in your idle time, take a quick nap and feel refreshed.


The best way to lighten your heart is by talking or sharing what your mind is going through with others. One should always share thoughts that bother them. This not only helps in getting it all out but also helps you in getting advice or suggestions which may help you to function better. For people who cannot share their feelings with others should write it down and get away with whatever is bugging them.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength” – Marcus Aurelius

As rightly quoted by Marcus Aurelius (a Roman emperor and a Stoic philosopher), some things are beyond our control and then there are things which are totally in our control. Our mind and body for example can be commanded by us. It depends on us as to what we put our minds onto. We can decide on things that need our importance and our thoughts to wander upon.

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