Sustainable lifestyle trend for 2021

Sustainable lifestyle trend for 2021

Life is good when you make it healthier for yourself and for the society
It is important to make lifestyle trend happy but at the same time, we must take care of the environment and the nature around us.
This article will help us to adopt some good lifestyles for the new generation of 2021 which will make a better equation with the environment and our way of living.

1- ‘Paper Bags’ the latest Lifestyle trend:-

Say No to poly bags is the slogan that has been heard for ages, but this time we should not only avoid using poly bags but strictly keep that away from our regular routine. The use of Paper Bags not only gives us a sense of being socially aware but also makes us socially responsible. After making it a new normal we should also encourage the usage of paper bags with our family, friends, colleagues and all the near and dear ones.

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Polybags not only affect the environment adversely but also kill the lives of Street animals such as cows, dogs, pigs, goats, etc.

The food which we throw in our house dustbin goes in the street bin which is eaten by hungry street animals. The poly which they take along with food is indigestible and ultimately it makes them ill and ends their lives.
Thus, we must stop using Polly thin and adopt paper to make society healthier and cleaner.

2- Going Green –

If a person is having healthy eating habits then he/she will not only be fit but also will save money by going to doctors in the future.
Junk food is the trend to which the younger generation is addicted to and their parents simply ignore this eating habit which results in obesity, indigestion, liver failure, and many other dangerous diseases.

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Our grandmother used to tell us to eat green veggies as much as we could but we hardly paid any attention to it.
If you have noticed nowadays smart people in big cities are ready to pay more for green food in restaurants than the junk, the reason is they are aware and cautious about their health and not ready to compromise with their fitness at any cost
Thus, if we really want us to be rich in terms of health both physically and mentally then we must adopt this G for Green in our lifestyle trend.

3- Encourage Organic products –

As we know the government of India is paying high attention to the usage of Organic production and avoiding pesticides and chemical supply in the agricultural land for making our India a Happy and healthy country.
Organic products are safe from harmful pesticides and chemicals. They make the food pure and free from adulteration.

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Organic products are the true essence of natural vitamins which are extremely required for our body and upcoming generation.
Thus we must encourage the usage of organic products not only for yourself but also to support our system and promote using a healthy lifestyle trend.

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4- Plant more:-

Having more plants near our surroundings not only makes us happy but also reduces the carbon dioxide level.
Having indoor plants brings lots of positive energy and also makes us happy.

Yes, this is scientifically proven that the more we are surrounded by plants and greenery the more we are happy and healthy.

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It also makes our place look beautiful and young. The color vibrant make the area look classy and healthy in lifestyle trend.
Thus, planting more and more plants is also one of the latest eco-friendly lifestyles trend.

5- Applying 4 R’s rule in Lifestyle Trend:-

We all have read in our EVS classes about the 4 rs ie Review(watch what you are using), Reduce(limit your wants and desires), Reuse(try to reuse the products), Recycle (give it a new life by recycling the products)
..but have any of us applied them in our lifestyle trend ??
The answer is very rare.

If any one of us has applied this rule then surely we are doing something good for our coming generation.
Using the Rs rule is actually cool and the latest lifestyle trend people are using swadeshi products which is also the part of recycling products there are lots of promotional activities for supporting the r system.
Thus, we must also apply the Rs rule and educate our children to do the same if we really want to become a socially responsible citizen.

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